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Epoxy, also known as polyepoxide, is a thermosetting polymer formed from reaction of an epoxide "resin" with polyamine "hardener". Epoxy has a wide range of applications, including fiber materials and general purpose adhesives.

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Dr.Terrace civil services has tremendous experience in epoxy flooring having rich customer base for epoxy flooring in south India.Pls go through below questions about epoxy which most of the people's mind have.



What is Epoxy Flooring?
Epoxy flooring is an industrial floor painting done using special chemicals that cures on chemical reaction which is resistant to acids and alkalies.
Is it like Enamel paint?
It may look like enamel paint but has many advanced features. Basically enamel paint is done for aesthetic purpose only and is suitable for walls and ceilings. This is not suitable for floors which have different types of traffic like foot, trolley, fork lifts and other abuse movements.
Is epoxy paint wear resistant?
Yes. Epoxy painting ranges from thickness of 150 Microns to 5 mm and has very good wear resistant. The life of the coating depends upon the type of traffic and working patterns. The right product has to be chosen after studying the type of industry and traffic.
Why is Epoxy painting required?
The floor has already been treated with Floor Hardeners. Is it a must to paint the floor ? The purpose of epoxy painting is to basically seal the floor to prevent the dust coming from the floor. It also prevents the oil, grease, chemical spillage to penetrate into the floor. If any of the above penetrates into the floor, it automatically weakens the floor and brings down its life.
What are the types of epoxy floorings?
Solvent based, 100 % Solvent Free, Self Smooth, Glossy Finish, Mat Finish, Semi Glossy Finish, etc.
How does dust come from the fully cured floor?
Any concrete substrate has free lime. This free lime dissipates and forms powders called efflorescence. This is how the dust come out of the floor. This cannot be avoided at any period of time.
What are the kinds of epoxy floorings?
Epoxy coating , Epoxy Toppings, Self Smooth Toppings, Epoxy Tough Screed, Anti Static Flooring, Anti Slip Flooring, UV Resistant Coatings, Strong Chemical Resistant Coating, Aesthetic Coatings and many more to suit specific customer requirements.
How Costly is the Epoxy Systems?
The flooring cost starts from Rs.160 per Sq.Mtr. Many a big industries have been treated at this cost and is still performing well for more than 3 years.
What is the time taken for doing this work?
It depends upon the area. Our expertise and work force has the capacity to execute 10,000 Sq.Mtrs in 26 Hours.
What other advantages does epoxy flooring have?
Once the floor is sealed with epoxy floor, it gives an entirely different look to the shop floor. The color can be as per your specific requirement. The orientation can be made to suit your choice. The gangway area can be done in separate color and working areas can be different color. The border line separation can be made in Golden Yellow color. The epoxy painted floor meets to International Standards and will definitely give you a rich and healthy factory atmosphere.
Can the floor be painted without disturbing our production or can it be done online?
Definitely yes. A detailed work schedule will be prepared to suit your industry working. This can be detailed on a personal discussion with the shop floor in charge and management.

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