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Water Proofing for Terrace

Dr.Terrace is the division of Cipla technologies&innovation (P) limited which is the pioneer in civil services (since 2002) by using German technology with own invented materials.

Dr.Terrace Civil services is one of our division was found by three EX- L&T company senior engineers and Its Trade mark registered ISO 9001-2008 certified company.


We are the Distributor for most of the worldwide leading company  and also have our own CBNC permanant water proofing product and implementing the latest technology in civil industry in and around south India .

We do all kind of civil services and building maintenance work like waterproofing treatment for Terrace, Bath room, water tank, sump, wall crack, Damaged Concrete and Heat reduction treatment like "Terrace cool coating" etc ....

We also tied up with many Engineers and Architectures and do waterproofing treatment for newly constructed and under constructing Hotels, Apartment's, Water Tank, and Bath rooms. So far more than 300 sites treated in across south India that including Bangalore HAL.

We know we judge by our client hence our methodology will be highly result oriented, The unique features in our company is only company who has own employee as a labor & own service team, Our warranty will be in 10 rupees bond sheet for 1lakh and above project, if it is more than 5 lakhs project than it will be in 20 Rupees bond sheet all are genuine warranty.

Our Supervisor has done minimum of DIPLOMA IN CIVIL and never allowed un- educated people to co-ordinate with client.


About Waterproofing

Even though we deal with all companies & all the methodology after analyzed the floor type and customer requirement we suggest the suitable methodology

1.Dr.Terrace's Special Permanant water proofing System(with 20 yrs warranty call 984196096 for more info )
2. Liquid Plastic and Liquid membrane water proofing system
4. Water proofing on mosaic tiles
5. Water proofing on country tiles
6. Two components
7. Single component
8. Acrylic based single component
9. Polymer based single component
10. Crystalline based water proofing
11. Elastomeric water proofing
12. Epoxy water proofing
13. Dar sheet
14. Membrane & Mineral membrane

Steps involving in Basic water proofing         ( Depends upon your Terrace type)

Step 1 :- Will wash your Terrace  

Step 2 :- Will find the microspores/Cracks and fill the same with sealants with is UV resistant.

Step 3:- step 3 is UNIQUE and it's our trade secret cannot be disclosed.

Step 4:- Step 4 is our TRADE SECRET cannot be disclosed.

Step 5: 2 coats of UV resistant LIQUID PLASTIC would be applied in the entire area.

Step 6: Step 6 is our Trade Secret cannot be disclosed.

Step 7: Step 7 is our Trade secret cannot be disclosed.

Step 8: 1 coat of TC coat would be applied in the entire area.

Step 9 : 1 coat of glass chemical coat would be applied in the wall corners.

There are 5 different kind of chemicals is involving in doing one GERMAN TECHNOLOGY based water proofing system and special tools and equipped labor force is required in completing the successful water proofing system.

"Hence don't get cheated by one man army people or local painters think and decide"

Technical Details





Solar reflectance

Liquid plastic - BBC


110 SRI


Liquid plastic - BBC



Adhesion Strength

Liquid plastic-  BBC


6mpa (Equal to 6 Newton)

Solid content

Liquid plastic - BBC

Acrylic/SBR/polymers mixed.

(very hard to find such a quality in any other chemicals)

Way of Mixing

Liquid plastic - BBC

Not possible through hand or trilling machines.

Need 850rpm speed specially made machine.

Water penetration

Liquid plastic-  BBC

0.000001 After 50 days.

0 % penetration till 45 days.

UV Resistance

Liquid plastic-  BBC


Can bare till 350 Degree

UV Reflectance

Liquid plastic-  BBC


Not less than 110

To know more about technical details Cont Senior Engineer - 9841096096

7 years warranty for original German technology based LIQUID PLASTIC methodology.
5 years warranty any water proofing system as per customer specification.

20 years for permanant water proofing system on concrete ( Breaking&Removing rubbish etc)

Actual Price
Rs 35 To  50 /Sft for Premium quality original German technology based water proofing. 

Rs 20 To  33/sft for doing water proofing with Dr.fixit materials and other local chemicals. 

Rs 28 TO 42 /Sft for doing permanant water proofing on concrete(Breaking existing floors&removing etc)

" Price depends upon the surface and type of water proofing "


You need not to struggle to bargain or need not to have doubt that you paid right amount or more amount, we quote same price for everyone no pinky,monky tricks users here in our sales.

"We proud our self t for we are the one and only company who have fixed price in the civil industry"

We don't do junky monkey marketing that mean not giving high quote with buffer amount and finally reduce and finalized with maximum profit.

Anyone can finalize the sales with us; you need not to be expert in bargaining since our price all are fixed and same for all.

"We also deal with economic materials (Second quality) which may cost Rs 6/Sft /Coat for Terrace cool coating and Rs 9/Sft/coat for water proofing but can be done without warranty. The reason we have such a chemical is in order to survive in the competitive market and do business with customer who select contractor only based on quote"


Dr. Terrace civil services(P)Limited
No.8A,  Kodambakkam high road.

Managing Director : Mr.Jai Krishnan 

Sales                        : Mr.Kishore 

 Land line - 044-43090869



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